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Building and Development in the RM of Saltcoats

Building and development in the RM of Saltcoats requires specific forms and applications to be completed before development and construction starts, and inspections to take place during the course of construction.

Common Projects Where a Building and Development Permit is Required
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Supporting Document Requirements

In order to minimize confusion regarding requirements for Plan review and inspections, the following explains what needs to accompany Building Permit applications. The various applications and other information (in PDF format) may be accessed at right.

  • Site plan: Showing lot and building dimensions and distances to property lines as well as location of existing buildings, utilities, septic tank and well.
  • Floor plan: Showing all room dimensions, wall types, window and door schedules.
  • Building elevations: Showing exterior finishes(all views), finished grade levels, windows, doors, chimneys, stairs, etc.
  • Structural drawings: Showing foundations plan (type, size and dimensions), floor plans, column, bearing walls, stairs, ramps, roof plans and structural details. These drawings should be done by a draftsman, engineer or architect. Engineering drawings for the foundation may be required for some projects. Floor truss and rafter truss layout from the truss manufacturer.
  • Contractors and subtrades: Provide the names and phone number of the General Contractor. Provide a list of the major sub trades with the names and phone numbers of contact persons.
  • Waste disposal: Approval from Public Health for the waste disposal system.

Mandatory Call-in Stages for Inspections

  • Site inspection to verify property line setbacks and finish grade;
  • Prior to placing any concrete, pre back fill inspection, framing inspection, insulation and vapor barrier inspection, roofing, exterior finish and final. Provide 48 hours for inspection request.

If the inspection schedule is not followed a Stop Work Order will be issued so that the building code compliance can be verified. This process may require additional construction costs and inspection fees being charged to the owner/contractor.


The following forms are provided in PDF format:

Building permit application

Rural Plumbing/Sewage Disposal Permit Application

Energy Efficiency Compliance Form

Development permit application

Development permit siteplan form

Application to subdivide land

Outline of subdivision approval process

Outline of building permit process (information at left in PDF format)

Please also see the Bylaws page for copies of bylaws related to development.