Satellite view of RM of Saltcoats from Google Earth. © DigitalGlobe, Cnes/SpotImage, GeoEye

Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Saltcoats

The RM of Saltcoats No. 213 administration office
is located at 104 Commercial Street, Saltcoats, SK.

Office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed for lunch from 12;00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.).

The RM of Saltcoats celebrated its 100th anniversary on July 28, 2012.

Among the anniversary projects was the publication of the RM history book. Click here to view or download the history book (in PDF format)

Looking for information about old school districts?

View or download the following files:
Saltcoats and area school districts listing
Saltcoats and area school districts map

Click to read, print or download the 2022 RM Newsletter

News and notices

Snow Piling Restrictions
When clearing snow from your property, no snow shall be piled on the roadway.
No snow removed from private property should be anywhere within the road allowance, including the ditch higher than one foot below the lowest part of the roadway as banks left behind create drift problems and the road becomes blocked quicker.

2023 Council meetings
Click to read, print or download the Notice of Council Meetings for 2023.

Saltcoats Historic Cemetery Rejuvenation Project
The Project Committee is seeking support for the rejuvenation of the historic Saltcoats Cemetery.

Prairie Watersheds Climate Program
Information about the joint Manitoba-Saskatchewan program.

Construction Code Act
The Construction Code Act repeals and replaces The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and came into force on January 1, 2022.

Farm buildings which have a residential occupancy (i.e. sleeping quarters) are now subject to the construction standards found in the Construction Code Act. To clarify, there is no longer an exemption from construction standards (building permits) for farm residences on agricultural land that are being constructed, renovated, altered or added to. Building Permit Applications can be found on the Development page.

Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms
Effective July 1, 2022, all buildings in Saskatchewan with sleeping rooms are required to provide early warning protection against the effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, smoke and fire. The installation of CO and smoke alarms is the most effective way of accomplishing this requirement. More information about CO and smoke alarms

Information about the Canadian Federation of Agriculture's Hay West program

Click to read, print or download information about landowner incentive programs related to wetland restoration; exclusion fencing; seeding of forage on marginal cropland; dugout, pipeline and well construction, and abandoned well decommissioning.

The R.M. of Saltcoats now accepts E-transfer for account and tax payments. Please send e-transfers to You will not be required to enter a security question as it is set up for auto-deposit. If you have any questions regarding E-Transfer or how to submit payments this way please contact the office at 306-744-2202.

Well decommissioning
The RM of Saltcoats is initiating a campaign to decommission and/or seal as many abandoned wells as possible.
Decommissioning is free, and all landowners (farmers, acreage owners and urban residents) are elibible. Deadline for application is September 30, 2021.
Click to view the details.

Waste disposal and recycle
Waste disposal and recycle containers are located at the RM Shop located at 434 High Street, Saltcoats. The containers are available seven days a week.

Waste Disposal - Household Garbage
There will no longer be a gatekeeper. Place only bagged household bagged garbage in the three brown containers.
RM of Saltcoats ratepayers and residents only.
Please refrain from disposing of material on the ground. Illegal dumping will be reported to the Ministry of Environment.

Recycle Disposal
The following items may be placed in the one blue recycle bin:
Paper: Computer/photocopy paper, flyers, junk mail and catalogues, telephone directories, letterhead, stationary and newspapers.
Cardboard: Cardboard boxes (please fold/breakdown boxes before putting them into the bin), box board boxes (shoe/cereal boxes), milk cartons (not plastic).
The following items will not be accepted: tin/aluminum cans, plastic beverage bottles, plastic grocery bags, styrofoam, glass, wood, wire, hazardous chemical containers or oil containers and ceramics.
RM of Saltcoats ratepayers and residents only.
Please refrain from disposing of material on the ground. Illegal dumping will be reported to the Ministry of Environment.

Flood insurance
Important information regarding flood insurance and the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP):
Overland flood insurance and PDAP
Overland flood insurance questions and answers

About the RM of Saltcoats

The RM of Saltcoats No. 213 is located in east-central Saskatchewan, and encompasses some of the richest farmland and largest underground potash deposits in the province.

Our office is located in Saltcoats (photo at right), one of two thriving towns within the rural municipality.

On our web site you will find information about the approval processes for various types of development, including application forms, relevant bylaws and other documents. If you do not find what you need, please call our office, or email us with details of your specific requirements.

Click the small map at left to view a very detailed map of the RM of Saltcoats.

This map is provided in PDF format, and is 4 Mb in size. It may take some time to open, depending on your Internet connection speed.